Varicocele and Vesiculitis: extraordinary man diseases


Varicocele is appear of varicose veins of the testis and spermatic cord. Varicocele is common diseases among men, that will lead to unpleasant consequences. Varicose veins of the spermatic cord are the problems, but they are rarely influence on the patient life, so he can live it fully. If we talk about problem, we must mention major complication of such disease. It is pain and infertility.

Varicocele symptoms

In big amounts of cases, such an illness started in puberty and then it began to progress. It can have no signs, so doctors often diagnose it accidentally, in the period of carrying out the examinations. To talk about the complaints among the patients, we can say that it doesn’t happen.

Generally, that condition is painless and it doesn’t cause any anxiety. Young people noted an increasing and omission of the left scrotum, slight “pulling” sensation in the scrotum and testicle.

As it was mentioned, the main complication, which can appear as a result of such illness is infertility. In laboratory semen tests we can see the decrease od sperm number and its mobility.

By the results of test, scientists name 4 degrees of varicoceles:

  • 0 degree. The vein of the testicle can`t be palpated by hands, the varicose can be determined instrumentally (with help of Doppler and ultrasound).
  • 1 stage. Here we can name the dilation of penis palpable in the standing position. Here is no varicocele.
  • 2 stage. The veins are palpable in the lying and standing positions.
  • 3 stage. The veins in the spermatic cord and testicle are visible by the naked eye.

How to treat varicoceles?

As in case of varicose veins on the legs, the only treatment for its illness is surgery. That disease is often asymptomatic, so its indication is not a reason for surgery.

Surgical treatment is required in that cases:

  • The presence of pain in the testicle.
  • Male infertility (reducing of sperm quantity and mobility).
  • Aesthetic defect in the scrotum.
  • The cessation of the growth of the affected testicle in puberty period.

Vesiculitis and its reasons

Vesiculitis is an inflammation in the seminal vesicles, which are near the prostate. During normal functioning of genitourinary system, such paired organ performed the reservoir function, where the developed in prostate secret is help. Vesicles must be connected with sanavirones channel, which help the sperm to fall into the environment.

Whatever the scientists say, vesiculitis is a really rare disease. The only one explanation for it is that the position of such organ is specific, so it is difficult to get infectious process of one or another pathological agent.

The cases of vesiculitis are very similar to the ordinary disease and lots of doctors say, that it is a little bit academic. More common will be the inflammation in seminal vesicles, which can appear at the background of inflammatory disease. In many cases this disease can develop with prostatitis, epididymitis and urethritis. Vesicles can develop at the background of infectious process. Also it doesn’t have any influence on the genital organs.

How to treat vesiculitis?

If the pathology will be identified in the early stage, the best variant will be the treatment of antibacterial therapy. Of course, it is carried with the drugs of broad spectrum of action, which includes macrolides, penicillins, cephalosporins and fluoroquinolores. Despite the fact, that the medication can be bought without prescription, it must be done only after official confirmation of the diagnosis.

Antibiotics is the treatment, that impact solely on the disease agent, but it doesn’t relieve the symptoms. For such a purpose the antipyretics and analgesics are usually taken in the form of tablets.