Has it ever happened, that you are going to lose weight, but don`t know, where to start and how to do it right? Follow our good advice on healthy eating, and you are guaranteed to begin successfully lose weight. Below are 6 tips, that really work!

Set realistic goals and encourage yourself

Maybe you want to lose 20 kilograms, but in order to remain motivated enough, it’s better to say “I’ll lose 2 kilos by end of the next month”. So, you wouldn`t be nervous and angry, if this doesn`t happen, but also be pleasantly surprised if you lose these 2 kg much earlier.

Be sure to reward yourself after you reach your goal – new bright top for fitness or hike for massage will be great gift for yourself. And, yes, you don`t need to reward yourself with food.

Make shopping list

You already heard about this item, when we wrote about how to switch to proper nutrition. In case of losing weight, same principle applies: avoid buying unhealthy and unnecessary products, you need to make shopping list before going to supermarket on weekly basis.

Scroll to half an hour on Sunday morning in order to paint all dishes and snacks that you will use for next 7 days and paint products that are necessary for their preparation. Stick to weekly plan and you will see that food quality you eat will improve significantly.

Don`t skip breakfast

We have already written, why not skip breakfast. If you think, that skipping breakfast is good way to lose weight, we want to upset you: breakfast speeds up metabolism. And this, in turn, helps to lose excess weight. Choose high-protein foods to reduce cravings for sweets throughout day. Also, make sure, your meal contains enough fiber – whole grain cereal is excellent in this regard.

Make fiber your best friend

You can reduce calories number, reduce portions size, but still remain alone with sense of hunger. Snack on low-calorie foods rich in fiber. Avocados, raspberries, pears, beans, broccoli artichokes, etc. will help to lose weight and well satisfy hunger.

Allocate time for meals

Admit it, do you also constantly dine at TV or at breakfast, check Facebook and scroll through Istagram’s tape? It says only that you don`t pay attention to how much you eat and don`t control eating process in general. Best way to reduce calorie intake is to exclude all distractions and focus on food you eat. Try to enjoy and feel real taste of cooked dishes.

Have a snack

Snacks need to be arranged between main meals. They should be no more than 150 calories. We already wrote about best ideas useful snacks, we advise you to take couple of notes! You can also eat handful of nuts, sliced ​​vegetables or fruits. Prepare them in advance and keep near your workplace or in refrigerator on most prominent shelf. We guarantee: when you get hungry, you are more likely to reach for wholesome meal, and not another pack of chips or cookies.

Now you know, what nutritional rules will help to lose weight. Follow them, try and unsubscribe in comments about results!