12 Jul

Impotence (also called erectile dysfunction) is quite a complicated issue that makes a lot of men worry. In this article you can find useful information on what causes it and how to behave in such situation.

General information and causes

General information and causesTo begin with, erectile dysfunction may be defined as the inability to maintain erection when having sexual intercourse (according to webmd.com). It is serious because such problem can easily affect self-esteem, may cause stress and certainly spoil the relationship. That’s why it is obligatory to consult the doctor even when feeling embarrassed about it.

Speaking about the causes, it’s necessary to point out the following ones:

  • Narrowing of the blood vessels, which are connected with penis. It usually happens due to hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol;
  • Experiencing injury or surgery;
  • Hormonal disorder;
  • Relationship issues;
  • Anxiety and depression (nhs.uk)

There may be some situations when you have an uncontrolled erection during sleep for example, but can’t get it with your sexual partner. If this is the case, the cause is likely to be stress-related. If the erection can’t be obtained at all, the reason is more likely to be physical.

The most common symptoms of impotence

The main symptom has already been touched upon: it is the persistent inability to get the erection to make the sexual intercourse last long enough. The other symptom of the ED is the feeling that you don’t satisfy your sexual partner. That feeling is usually mixed with the depression.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

How to treat erectile dysfunction?It is useful to know that there are plenty of ways to cure the impotence, starting from pills and ending with complex surgeries. The severity of the condition will define the best treatment in every individual case, but some treatments may have side effects.

If the case is stress-related, the psychotherapy may help, especially when the partner is taking part in it and creates the atmosphere of stimulation and intimacy.

Oral medications are also widely used and among them there are: vardenafil (Levitra) and avanafil (Stendra), tadalafil, and certainly the most commonly known name – Viagra (sildenafil). The mechanism of treatment with oral medications is connected with relaxing penis muscles and increasing blood flow. Side effects normally include flushed face, severe headaches and nasal congestion.

Another treatment therapy is injecting the drugs into the penis. Papaverine, prostaglandin E1 and phentolamine are the ones that are used more often.

There is one more type of treatment to talk about. It has been invented recently and is called extracorporeal shockwave therapy. It doesn’t involve any drugs, surgeries and doesn’t have significant side effects on man’s health.

Moreover, the alternative medicine is coming to help in this situation. Medicine offered is called “herbal viagra” or natural sexual enhancement medicine but there haven’t been performed any studies to prove the effectiveness of such therapy.

The preventive measures

The best advice given here for men is to exercise regularly, lose weight if needed and to manage their chronic health issues. It is absolutely unacceptable to take in anabolic steroids (it is referred to athletes and bodybuilders). It is also useful to exclude smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and stress levels in everyday life. One of the effective ways to prevent erectile dysfunction is communication: it is vital to talk with your partner about what’s happening and try to find a solution together.